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Growing Your Snapchat Crew: An Easy-to-Follow Guide to More Followers

Growing Your Snapchat Crew: An Easy-to-Follow Guide to More Followers

Hey Snap Aficionados! Looking to boost your followers list on Snapchat? Cool, let us help you with exactly that with this guide. No marketing fluff, just straightforward tips to make your Snapchat game stronger.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the art of gaining more Snapchat buddies without complicating it.


1. Just Be You – Seriously

Imagine Snapchat as your cozy corner of the internet. So, when you’re snapping, be authentically you. Forget the filters sometimes and let your genuine self shine through. Share the highs and the lows, the funny and the awkward – authenticity is the secret sauce.

People are drawn to realness like magnets, and it’s the key to building a crew that vibes with your unique personality.

Do you usually feel a bit camera-shy? That’s OK too, many people feel the same. In that case, share your interests, hobbies, or favorite spots. Let people see the real you beyond the lens. The more genuine you are, the more likely you’ll attract followers who genuinely appreciate your vibe.


2. Talk Back – It’s Allowed

Snapchat isn’t a silent movie; it’s a two-way street.

When your followers send snaps or drop a comment, don’t leave them hanging. Respond, react, and keep the conversation flowing. It’s not about being a Snapchat celebrity; it’s about being a friend.

Pro tip: Throw in some questions or polls to get your followers involved. Maybe ask for their opinions on your latest snap or get recommendations for your next adventure.

Engaging with your audience turns them from passive viewers into active members of your Snapchat crew.


3. Storytime – Make It Snappy

Stories are the heartbeat of Snapchat. Make yours unmissable.

How can you make them enticing? Mix it up – share your daily adventures, throw in some behind-the-scenes action, and keep the energy high. Remember, your followers are tuning in for a reason, so give them a reason to keep watching.

Consider creating themed days or series. Maybe Mondays are for sharing your favorite recipes, Wednesdays are for a quick travel throwback, or Fridays are for showcasing your weekend plans. Consistency mixed with creativity equals Snapchat gold.

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4. Tag Team for the Win

What’s the best way to introduce yourself to more followers?

Ever thought about doubling the fun by teaming up with other Snapchatters?

Collaboration is a game-changer. Whether it’s a joint takeover, a shoutout, or just goofing off together, it adds variety to your content and introduces you to new audiences.

Picture this: you and a fellow Snapstar teaming up for a day of hilarious challenges or sharing your favorite local spots. It’s like a content exchange, and both your followers get a taste of something new. Remember, the more, the merrier – in snaps and followers.

One thing before you dive headfirst into the collaboration: make sure the fellow you’re going to collaborate with has the same category of followers as you.

Let us make it clearer with the help of an example. If you love to travel then collaborating with someone who loves to cook won’t be a good choice. So, the wise collaboration will be with someone who likes to share their traveling journey with their followers or has a knack for something similar.


5. #UseHashtagsWisely

Yep, we’re throwing in the hashtag talk. But hold on, it’s not about going crazy; it’s about being strategic.

Pick hashtags that resonate with your content, making it easier for like-minded Snap enthusiasts to find you. Keep it simple, keep it relevant, and watch your discoverability skyrocket.

Consider hashtags as a treasure map leading new followers to your Snap kingdom. It’s like a secret handshake for the digital era. Don’t overthink it – a couple of well-chosen hashtags per story can make a significant difference.

If you are sharing content that is related to books then hashtags related to gaming or games won’t work. Also, you should make those hashtags consistent, so that users who like to watch that content keep on watching yours and eventually follow you.


6. Behind the Scenes Moments

Let your followers in on the real magic – the behind-the-scenes action.

Show them the messy kitchen before your culinary masterpiece, the chaotic setup before your perfect selfie. Sharing these candid moments builds a deeper connection. Your followers get to see the real effort behind your snaps, making your content more relatable and genuine.

We have seen that most of the Snapchat influencers skip this step but you shouldn’t as it holds a great amount of engagement volume.


7. Exclusive Sneak Peeks

Everyone loves a sneak peek. Give your followers exclusive previews of what’s coming up.

Whether it’s a teaser of your next adventure, a snippet of an upcoming project, or a glimpse of your daily routine, creating anticipation keeps your audience hooked. It’s like sharing a secret with your closest pals – they’ll be excited to see what unfolds next.

So there you have it, a laid-back guide to growing your Snapchat crew.

Be yourself, keep the conversation alive, tell engaging stories, team up for double the fun, sprinkle in some well-chosen hashtags, share behind-the-scenes moments, and give exclusive sneak peeks.

The best part? There’s no rush; enjoy the journey to a bigger, better Snapchat crew.